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About the Ironing Maiden

Confessions From the Board

How lucky I have been in achieving my lifelong dream of becoming a professional ironing maiden. Now doubly blessed, I can listen to Radio 4 whilst I work, or revel in the steaming silence as I create plots for the scripts that I write in my down time.

My past life experiences, when I sung, acted and danced in the theatre, wrote and presented my own material for television, taught English as a foreign language whilst living abroad, toured the festival circuit supplying food from a Cajun kitchen, and owned my own video company, all served as contributing factors towards preparing me for such an adventurous undertaking.

But it was the sheer outrageousness of the Public Transport department of the County Council where I once worked which eventually drove me into my current elevated ironing position.

The Ironing Maiden Ironing Service
Brighton, Hove, Portslade, Rottindean, Saltdean
If where you live is not mentioned do ask.

Admin address: Suite 2, Level 6, New England House, Brighton, BN1 4GH

Ideas for what to do when
you're freed from
wielding the iron

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