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Steaming On

We've moved a long way since the first century BC in China, when metal pans were filled with charcoal and thence used to press out wrinkles in kimonos and Sumo wrestlers. After that, we dashed away with smoothing irons and suffered burnt hands as we lifted flat irons off coals, where they waited, ready to be pressed into service.

Nowadays, a good sturdy orthopaedic mattress might give the desired result, but for that really smart, clean and tidy look, the method of choice must undoubtedly be the STEAM IRON. And that's my job.

And YOUR role in this?
Simply to lie back and luxuriate on your freshly ironed sheets and pillow-cases and duvet covers. Why not - you didn't iron them.

Then slip into your crease free clothes. It doesn't matter if they wrinkle once you're wearing them, because that's what clothes do. Just have me iron them again, no problem. Psychologically, you know you're looking good and that's all that counts. The feel good factor.

The rate is - Up to and including 4kg £20, every extra kilo £5 or single shirts £1.50. And remember, I'll also do the laundry for you.

The Ironing Maiden Ironing Service
Brighton, Hove, Portslade, Rottindean, Saltdean
If where you live is not mentioned do ask.

Admin address: Suite 2, Level 6, New England House, Brighton, BN1 4GH

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